About Aresus

Aresus took over Veregen® from Medigene (see Press Release)incl. all patents, licenses, know-how as well as rights to use the brand name, the Drug Master File (DMF) of the active ingredient and the inventory of the active pharmaceutical ingredient.

Dr. Francisco Harrison

is an MD, HBS OPM34, who built a global CRO company over a span of 25 years. Up to 2012, Harrison Clinical Research Group, today operating under Synteract, covered all clinical phases and employed over 500 people in 16 countries. 

Later, Harrison established a new group of service companies for the Life Science community under the HCSTH holding:  www.idearegulatory.com in the regulatory area,www.rephine.com for quality assurance andwww.hurekaresources.comproviding healthcare investment advice and management. 

Now a new venture, Aresus Pharma,www.aresus.de, will be devoted to prescription dermatological products of natural origin.

Sven Schimansky-Wabra

has been working in the pharmaceutical sector since 2004, starting his career at Schering, later Intendis Dermatologie and Bayer. In 2012, he left Bayer on his own initiative to set upwww.skincarepharma.de.  Skin Care developed “Skinatan”, the generic version of Advantan, and brought it successfully through the approval studies. In 2018, Advantan generated a turnover of approx. €80m worldwide and is approved for the indication neurodermatitis. The original is owned by Leo Pharma.

At present, license agreements have been concluded in 7 EU countries in which Skin Care is also seeking official approval. 

Furthermore, Sven Schimansky-Wabra is also involved inwww.Degode.euwhere he had “Beloren” developed, a generic version of Skinoren.  There are license agreements in 11 EU countries in which Degode will also instigate the approval procedures by the end of 2019. In 2018, the originator product, Skinoren, generated a turnover of more than €130m in over 60 countries and is approved for the indications acne and rosacea.